IZKF Executive Board under new management

A new term of office within the IZKF Executive Board starts on 1 October. The previous deputy chairman Prof. Dr. Wegner will take over the sceptre from Prof. Dr. Reis, who will take over the office as spokesman of the start-up financing department with immediate effect. Prof. Dr. Bozec is the new deputy chairman of the IZKF. Until the funding decision for the new IZKF projects is made, she will also be active in the Commission for the Promotion of Young Scientists (KNF) of the IZKF.

Prof. Dr. Bogdan, Prof. Dr. Bosserhoff, Prof. Dr. Horch and Prof. Dr. Winkler will continue to act as representatives of their major research areas. We welcome Prof. Dr. Mougiakakos (Dep. of Medicine 5) and Prof. Dr. Schiffer (Director Department of Medicine 4) as new members of the Executive Board. Prof. Dr. Schüttler will be replaced as Dean of the FAU Faculty of Medicine by Prof. Dr. Neurath.

We would like to thank Prof. Reis very much for the past 12 years as chairman. The retired members of the board will be officially discharged at the annual IZKF general meeting on December 10, 2019 at the TRC.