IZKF assessment 2019

The evaluation of the IZKF by the External Scientific Advisory Board took place on 14th/15th November 2019 in Erlangen. The External Scientific Advisory Board certifies the IZKF an outstanding scientific, structural and financial development and strongly supports the continuation of the funds in the amount of almost 6 million €. The Board is also pleased with the extension of the University’s funding commitment of almost 400 thousand € including ETI-funding. The high quality of the projects reviewed is demonstrated by the fact that the Board recommended all 31 proposed projects for funding. Half of the projects (15) were rated as top projects, 11 projects received a very good and 5 projects a good rating with a funding recommendation, of which only 2 projects were cut back in terms of funding. The projects will start with the filling of the approved positions, at the latest by 1 July 2020. One novelty is that tandem projects now have the option of filling their positions at a later date and thus do not lose any approved months of staff. All core projects were recommended for further funding in the amount applied for. The IZKF expressly thanks the members of the External Scientific Advisory Board for their visit, their intensive involvement with the projects and the IZKF and for the numerous valuable recommendations. Our special thanks go to the outgoing Chairman of the Board, Prof. Sendtner. The members of the Board elected Prof. Seufferlein from Ulm as the new Chairman and Prof. Tanja Kuhlmann from Münster as his deputy. However Prof. Sendtner remains a member of the External Scientific Advisory Board until the end of the year. The IZKF is looking forward to the continuation of the trusting and successful cooperation with the Board.