IZKF general meeting on 10th December 2019

On Tuesday, 10th December 2019 the general meeting of the IZKF took place. For the first time the new Chairman of the IZKF, Prof. Wegner, presented information on the development of the IZKF in the current year. He reported on the recent internal review and refered to the planned announcement of the Junior Projects and the Clinician Scientist Programme. The next IZKF-Symposium will take place from 17th-19th June 2021 in Kloster Banz. Afterwards, Prof. Bozec, Vice-Chairwoman of the IZKF Management Board, presented current figures on funding in IZKF’s MD-Thesis Scholarships and the Clinician Scientist Programme. Finally, Prof. Wegner thanked the members who recently resigned from the Management Board and the Junior Scientist Committee (Prof. Mackensen, Prof. Brabletz – Management Board; Mrs. Stolzer, Prof. Bozec, Dr. Ceppi – Junior Scientist Committee). Special thanks went to the former chairman of the IZKF, Prof. Reis, for his many years of engagement.

The presentation of the general meeting is available in the Mitarbeiterportal of the Uiversitätsklinikum Erlangen.