Clinician Scientist Commission of the IZKF changed

Farewell Prof. Zweier

On September 1 there has been a change in the Commission of the IZKF-Clinician Scientist Programme. After leaving of Professor Zweier, who took up her new position as Head of Department of the University Clinic for Human Genetics in Bern on September 1, the commission is now complete again.


Berking Carola (Head of Dermatology)


The board of the IZKF has called Professor Carola Berking (Head of Dermatology) as her successor in the Clinician Scientist Commission.

The Clinician Scientist Commission advises the board and organizes the Clinician Scientist Program of the IZKF for the Faculty of Medicine. The program is aimed at physicians who are in their specialist training at a clinic and who would like to carry out their own research projects.


We thank Professor Zweier for her engagement and welcome Professor Berking!