Funding of four new junior research groups

The colloquium for the new junior research groups took place on December 11th, 2020. The panel of experts, consisting of members of the Management Board, the ELAN-Committee and the Junior Scientist Committee, with participation of the spokespersons for the main research areas and the Scientific Advisory Board of the IZKF, promote funding of the following four new junior research groups.

  • Prof. Dr. Claudia Günther (Department of Medicine 1): Junior Research Group N5 “Organ crosstalk in IMIDs”
  • Prof. Dr. Janina Müller-Deile (Department of Medicine 4): Junior Research Group N6 “Rare glomerular diseases”
  • Prof. Dr. Marisa Karow (Institute of Biochemistry – Chair of Biochemistry and Pathobiochemistry): Junior Research Group N7 “Forging neural cell identity”
  • Prof. Dr. Friederike Zunke (Division of Molecular Neurology): Junior Research Group N8 “Lysosomal dysfunction in glia”