The IZKF junior research groups become the Jochen-Kalden-funding programme

Group of researchers using scientific technology for test of germ samples(c) Kzenon

In honour of the founder and former IZKF spokesperson, the IZKF is now using the name Jochen-Kalden-Funding Programme for its junior research groups. Joachim Kalden was particularly passionate about promoting young researchers, which is why the IZKF management board decided to name this programme after him and thus honour his outstanding contribution to the IZKF. In 1999, and so almost 2 years after the founding of the IZKF, the first junior research group in the IZKF was staffed. With the funding of the IZKF, all group leaders were able to lay an important foundation for the development of their scientific careers. Last year, the concept of the junior research groups and the tender procedure were redesigned in order to optimise the sustainability of the groups and, in particular, their integration into research networks. The call for proposals is now addressed to newly appointed integrated W1/W2 professors in medicine with tenure track and offers attractive funding for a period of up to 3 years. The intention is to include two new groups in the funding each year. At the end of 2020, even four young female scientists were happy to receive funding at the IZKF. 

The current projects in the Jochen Kalden funding programme can be found at: