IZKF General Assembly 2021 – Presentation is available in the employee portal

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At the general assembly on December 7th, 2021, the IZKF chairman, Professor Wegner, reported on, among other things, personnel changes, innovations in the IZKF funding lines and the IZKF symposium. Afterwards, Professor Becker gave an overview of the IZKF junior programs.

It was also announced that all IZKF projects will be made visible by the administrative office in the research database CRIS. In future, the data from the research database will be displayed on the IZKF homepage via a plug-in, which will replace the previous display.

The presentation of the general assembly is available on the employee portal of the Universitätsklinikum. There you will find further information on the individual reports. If you do not have access to the employee portal of the Universitätsklinikum, please contact the IZKF administrative office.