IZKF Junior projects 2022: 6 new grants

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It is official: The IZKF is supporting six new projects in the IZKF Junior Projects Programme.

A total of 8 projects were presented at the colloquium on 9 May and reviewed by a committee of experts consisting of members of the IZKF Management Board, the ELAN Committee and the Junior Scientist Committee. 6 projects received recommendation for funding.

The new projects are:

J98:  Detecting disease genes in urorectal malformations | Hilger, Alina (Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine)

J99: Reactive carbonyls in metabolic diseases | Düll, Margareta Miriam (Medical Clinic 1)

J100: Mucosal vaccination against lung metastases | Lapuente, Dennis (Virological Institute – Clinical and Molecular Virology)

J101: AI for GI Histopathology | Matek, Christian (Institute of Pathology)

J102: cDC1s in abscopal effects and HHP vaccination | Rückert, Michael (Radiation Clinic)

J103: Predicting clinical longevity of dental materials | Maier, Eva (Dental Clinic 1 – Dental Preservation and Periodontology)


More information on the IZKF junior projects programme can be found on our website.