IZKF Symposium – committee awards 4 poster prizes

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After a postponement due to the pandemic, around 170 participants met last week for the 8th International IZKF Symposium “The Magic M’s in Modern Medicine” in Kloster Banz.
In addition to an attractive conference programme, there was also a poster exhibition with around 80 exhibitors. We would like to introduce the prize winners here. The Molecular Neurology Department should be pleased in particular. They represent three of the four prize winners. A poster prize of 250 euros was awarded to:

  • Lisa Meszaros, Department of Molecular Neurology.
    Human alpha-synuclein overexpressing MBP29 mice: a model for the cerebellar subtype of multiple system atrophy
  • Jan Philipp Dobert, Department of Molecular Neurology
    Targeting beta-glucocerebrosidase in Parkinson disease – structural insights into transport and activation
  • Karen Ullrich, Department of Medicine 1
    IL-3 receptor signalling suppresses chronic intestinal inflammation by controlling mechanobiology and tissue egress of regulatory T cells
  •  Alice Drobny, Department of Molecular Neurology
    The role of lysosomal cathepsin D (CTSD) in alpha synuclein metabolism and aggregation in Parkinson Disease
Congratulations to all award winners and thank you to all participants.