Dear Professor, dear ladies and gentlemen, The IZKF Management Board has decided on important changes in the IZKF’s ELAN programme on the suggestion of the ELAN -Committee: The ELAN funding line will be provided with additional funds; €1.5 million per year will be available in the futu...

"TOPeCS" supports Clinician Scientists in the Step 2 module during parallel clinical and scientific work, in order to obtain generated (methodological) knowledge, especially in the phase of expiring projects, or to promote preparation for the application for extramural funds. Applications can be submitted to the IZKF until September 1st, 2022.

We are pleased to announce the winner of this year's IZKF Publication Award. A total of 18 applications from young scientists were sent to the IZKF administrative office. The Junior Scientist Committee selected one of this. The winner is: Jay Patankar from the Department of Medicine 1 with the p...

The decision has been made. After it had been unclear for some time whether the IZKF Symposium "The Magic M's in Modern Medicine" could take place in Kloster Banz, the IZKF board - together with the programme committee - has now decided to host the event there. We look forward to welcome you on 9th and 10th June in Bad Staffelstein.

Project applications for IZKF funding can be submitted until 27.04.2022. Please note the fill-in instructions of the respective documents when submitting. The entire project outline should not be longer than 5 pages (without cover page). The Research Profile has been updated: In case of maternity/parental leave within the last 5 years, the period for publications/funding can be extended accordingly.

On May 9, starting at 11:00 a.m., the colloquium for junior projects will take place in the Harald-zur-Hausen Lecture Hall, followed by a peer review meeting. The applicants will be informed about the results of the meeting in due time. The approved projects will be funded with one staff position and consumables for a period of 30 months.

The regular general assembly of the IZKF took place on Tuesday, December 7th, 2021. The chairman, Professor Wegner, and Professor Becker (spokesperson for junior programmes) gave a review and outlook on the IZKF's funding lines. It was also announced that all IZKF projects will be made visible by the administrative office in the research database CRIS.