Project Handling

After approval

Form signature validation and entitlement to disposition


Final Report

The end of the funding period is noted in the letter of approval. Please submit a final report to the ELAN-Committee within 4 weeks of this date.

  • If applicable,
    • Submission of the original publication resulting from the project (no abstracts). A manuscript which is not yet published can be recognized as a provisional final report. In this case, an offprint has to be submitted within 6 months. IZKF must be named as a funding source in the publication. If this is not the case, the article cannot be accepted as a final report.
    • Submission of a project proposal presented to a third-party funding agency (copy of the proposal and grant approval). The requested or approved amount of funding has to be stated.


Note that submitting a final report is a prerequisite for approval or future ELAN projects from your group!

Unused funds are returned to the IZKF to support other research projects. An extension of the project duration is possible in exceptional cases. The principal investigator should send a request to the spokesman of the ELAN-Committee prior to the official project end, explaining the reasons for the requested extension.

Please submit your final report within 4 weeks of the project end. (The project end date is given in your letter of approval.)

Generally not. However, in exceptional cases the principal investigator can send a request to the chairman of the ELAN programme committee, detailing the reasons for an extension.