Further projects

Term: 16.10-2020 – 15.10.2021

This application by a medical historian seeks initial funding to compile the historical sources nessesary to study the perception of the ancient hippocratic treatise On the Sacred Disease by scholars and physicians of the 19th and 20th century, nowadays regarded as one of the most iconic ancient texts defining the ‘rational’ core of the Western medical tradition. If the research question proves feasible, a DFG project proposal will follow.

Term: not started yet

The scientific aim of this work is to further develop the metabolic chemical exchange saturation transer MR fingerprinting (CEST MRF) and to translate it from previous animal experiments to human MRI scanners at 3T and 7T. This will enable accelerated quantitative CEST imaging that forms a metabolic MR fingerprinting approach, which can then be evaluated for its potential clinical benefit for tumor diagnosis and stroke prognosis at University Clinic Erlangen.

Term: not started yet

Severe dissociative disorders are characterized by distinct self-perception-related stress accompanied by autonomic blunting. The aim of the current study is to investigate self-reported, psychophysiological and biological stress reactions upon an experimental self-perception paradigm in patients suffering from diverse post-traumatic conditions with different levels of dissociation, to elucidate potential associations between dissociation intensity and the aversiveness of self-perception.

Term: not started yet

SiFAr-Stress investigates the impact of cycling on stress level in older adults. Uncertainty due to change to motorized bicycle or fear of falling can be perceived as stressors for cyclists. Stress activates different physiological signal cascades and stimulate for their part low-grade inflammation, which – in the long-term – can be associated with negative health outcomes. The aim is to analyse inflammatory processes as well as the activity of stress systems.