Junior Scientists Committee

The Junior Scientists Committee supports the Management Board in establishing and supervising career development programmes for young scientists. It assigns the MD-thesis scholarships and organises the IZKF Research Training Group. In addition, it participates in the internal review process for project funding and for laboratory rotations. It is composed of five principal investigators, three from research grants and one from junior projects as well as one of the junior research group leaders.



Junior Scientists Committee


Prof. Dr. Christoph Becker
phone: +49 9131 85-35886
e-mail: christoph.becker@uk-erlangen.de

Prof. Dr. Diana Dudziak

e-Mail: diana.dudziak@uk-erlangen.de

Sebastian Gehlen-Breitbach
Representative of the doctoral studentse-Mail: sebastian.gehlen-breitbach@fau.de
Prof. Dr. Claudia Günther

e-Mail: c.guenther@uk-erlangen.de

Myriam Jeninga
Representative of the doctoral studentse-Mail: Myriam.Jeninga@uk-erlangen.de 
Prof. Dr. Dieter Chichung Lie

e-Mail: chi.lie@fau.de


Prof. Dr. Janina Müller-Deile

e-Mail: Janina.Mueller-Deile@uk-erlangen.de


Dr. Adrian Regensburger

e-Mail: adrian.regensburger@uk-erlangen.de