Project handling

  1. This budget is intended to cover costs arising in connection with equipment required for the project. After consultation with the IZKF Administrative Office, the budget can exceptionally be used for investments.
  2. The approved budget for consumables is allocated once every calender year. If a project starts during the year it is allocated pro rata temporis.
  3. Remaining funds are automatically carried over to the following year, with a maximum budget amount of one year. Likewise, in agreement with the IZKF Administration Office, it is possible to use funds allocated to the coming year.
  4. A monthly update on the budget balance is sent via e-mail. It can provide a line item report upon request.
  5. In justified exceptional cases, an application for an increase of up to 20% of the annual budget can be submitted to the chairperson via the IZKF Administration Office.

Handling purchase orders:

IZKF is an institution of Universitätsklinikum, therefore, purchase orders have to handled according to Universitätsklinikum’s regulations. Based on the regulations, the subproject coordinator has the right to appropriate funds, which means they can determine in the context of their subproject for what purpose funds are used, in what amount and when. They can also place internal purchase orders (purchase order conditions >Materials Management (Mb)<). However, the right to appropriate funds does not entail the right to conclude legally binding contracts (place external orders) or make legally binding commitments. It is only the executive director and employees authorised by them that are allowed to do so.

Based on the above, the procedure is as follows:
  1. The consumables required must be specified on the purchase requisition for each supplier separately, stating the quantity, unit, product name, item number, price and (in particular for institutes) any discounts. Any offers should be enclosed. Furthermore, the following must be specified on the purchase requisition: purchaser with delivery address, telephone number, date, supplier with address, project and cost unit.
  2. The original purchase requisition is forwarded directly to Materials Management [Materialwirtschaft – Mb] and the order is placed there.
  3. The items ordered are delivered directly to the delivery address that was specified either a) by the supplier or b) by the Universitätsklinikum’s logistics centre based in Frauenaurach.
  4. If the supplier itself delivers the items, a yellow allonge is attached to the invoice. On the allonge, please state when the items were delivered and whether the invoice is correct, and send it to the IZKF Administration Office which will then effect timely payment of the invoice. If the logistics centre delivers the items, the logistics centre employee checks whether the delivery is correct. The invoice is then paid by the accounting department based on an SAP entry made by the logistics centre (delivery note). In this case, the invoice is not sent to the purchaser.
  5. In the event of an incorrect delivery, the purchaser contacts the supplier directly and returns the items or arranges for them to be collected.
  6. Usually, the order procedure (from filling in the order note to placing the order with the supplier) takes 5 to 7 working days. Therefore, orders must be placed in good time.
  7. Particularly urgent orders can be faxed to Materials Management with the note ‘eilt’ (urgent) (do not send another copy by post as this may lead to the same order being placed twice).
Payment of invoices for direct purchase orders:

As a rule, purchase orders must be made via Materials Management. If direct orders are purchased according to exeptional situations, the invoice has to be sent to the IZKF Administrative Office together with a yellow “Allonge”.


Online – Materialanforderung (GHX)

The GHX platform makes it possible to place purchase orders directly via the online order platform. All departments and institutions are connected to the system and can handle their orders via the GHX platform.

Registering a new user:

You have to request a login to the GHX order system using the web user request form . In this form, select the item ‘GHX (E-Procurement)’ and fill in the required fields. You can register several cost units or funds centres. Note: The delivery address is generated from SAP and must therefore be available in SAP. If you have not yet entered the address in SAP you should contact the Materials Management department at Universitätsklinikum.

After you have filled in the form it is forwarded automatically to MIK by clicking the button ‘Antrag ausdrucken und abschicken’ (print and forward request). The printed copy of the request form must be signed and forwarded to MIK via internal mail. Once you have successfully set up your login you will receive an e-mail with the required information.

Changing and supplementing cost units or funds centres:

If you want to add another or a new funds centre or cost unit in GHX you can do so using the web user request form  which is also used to request a login. Under 1.0 you can select ‘Change’ and enter the new funds centre or cost unit in the respective field.


As part of the computer skills training programme run by Universitätsklinikum Erlangen you can attend training courses for the GHX materials management system. You can find the dates in the current programme. Mr Dengler and Mr Molnar can also give you brief instructions or clarify any problems in person.

You can find more information and instructions in the handbook.

Contact GHX

The contact details are available in the “Mitarbeiterportal“.

  • IZKF provides positions for academic and non-academic staff for the duration of the project according to the funds granted. Funds saved because positions were not filled or filled with staff of a lower pay grade are returned to IZKF.
  • Employees receive a contract with Universitätsklinikum Erlangen.
  • IZKF cannot cover overtime, on-call medical services or recruitment costs (e.g. job advertisements).
  • The staff employed may not be allocated to a starting pay grade higher than the pay grade approved for the positions funded.
  • Changes in the use of the position (separating research positions, cost-neutral relocation of positions) require prior consent from the chairperson.

Paid leave (holiday):

  • Electronic leave records are managed by the department/institute responsible for the employee.
  • Leave is requested and granted according to the regulations in place at the department/institute.


The contact details are available in the “Mitarbeiterportal“.

The term of tandem projects is made more flexible in order to compensate the different recruitment times for the granted positions. In the past, it was necessary to fill both positions at the same time or man-months were lost for the project.

Now the following regulation is valid for tandem projects with more than one position:

The maximum project term of the tandem projects is extended to 36+6 months. (with the same budget)

The end of the project is determined depending on the recruitment of the 2nd staff position (start of second staff position + 30 months, but max. 36 months after the recruitment of the 1st project staff position).

Poster template

Poster design for IZKF events:

  • portrait DIN A0 (84.1 cm x 118.9 cm)
  • use the poster template of the faculty of medicine for IZKF sub-projects
  • in English

To make sure that the logo of Universitätsklinikum appears frameless on the right side it is necessary to trim the edges of the printed poster. Please ask the printing company to do so.

Poster printing

Universitätsklinikum’s communications department offers a printing service for academic posters. The products can be ordered via ELANDI.


The contact details are available in the “Mitarbeiterportal“.

Presentation template

For PowerPoint presentations, please use this template.

Once every calender year, IZKF issues an annual report which is forwarded to IZKF members, the external Academic Advisory Board, the Management Board and the Junior Scientists Committee.

In addition to a general part, the annual report contains reports by all research sub-projects and junior research groups funded by IZKF. All sub-projects and junior research groups must therefore submit an electronic copy of their annual progress reports to the IZKF Administration Office by 15 January of the following year. The interim report must be submitted 6 months after the start of the project at the earliest.

Each sub-project must prepare a final progress report (final report) 6 weeks after the end of the project. The template for the annual project report should also be used for the final report. However, in addition to an electronic copy, a signed printed copy must also be submitted. Publications resulting from the project after the final report has already been completed must be submitted afterwards, either in paper form or as pdf files.

For the form and content of the reports, please see the templates.


Overview: Submission of reports

Submission of final report: 6 weeks after the end of project

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