Clinician Scientist Programme

Clinician Scientist Programme

The Clinician Scientist Programme is aimed at physicians who are in their specialist training, would like to conduct their own research project and would like to continue their scientific education within the framework of a structured training programme.

The programme has a two-stage structure and is divided into CSP Step 1 and CSP Step 2.
CSP Step 2 is aimed at physicians who have already successfully acquired a third-party funded project or IZKF or Junior Project, or who have completed a post-doctoral stay abroad of at least 2 years, or who have successfully completed Step 1. An earlier change into Step 2 is possible under certain conditions.

Applications for admission to the CSP may be made on an ongoing basis. When applying for participation, the confirmation letter of the rotation must already be available at the time of application.

At the same time as the application deadlines for the Junior Projects, a rotation position for participation in the CSP Step 2 can be applied for at the IZKF on an annual basis.

For CSP Step 1 and CSP Step 2:
  • successfully completed medical studies
  • successfully completed doctorate to Dr. med. or Dr. med. dent. at the time of entry into the Clinician Scientist Programme
  • own research project
  • suitable scientific environment, proven by an at least 2-fold LOM-listed third-party funding project of the head of institution or laboratory of the hosting institution as well as the members of the Mentoring Committee
  • in specialist training (already started) at the time of joining into the Clinician Scientist Programme

In addition, for CSP Step 2:

  • Completion of CSP Step 1 (or certificate of a comparable training programme at another university) or
  • personally obtained IZKF- or third party funded project or
  • at least 2 years of post-doc experience abroad and
  • at least 2 years of specialist training

An earlier change from CSP Step 1 into CSP Step 2 is possible on application under the following conditions:

  • At least 2 years of specialist training and
  • personally obtained IZKF- or third party funded project

In principle, an early change is subject to a case-by-case examination and decision. Achievements performed in CSP Step 1 are to be assigned to CSP Step 1 and cannot be credited to CSP Step 2.


Candidates who have been in the habilitation process for more than two years or who have already undergone interim evaluation by the Fachmentorat (Mentoring Committee) cannot be accepted.

  • Protected research time of at least 12 months full-time (or equivalent in part-time), supplemented by a research time of 25% for a further 2 years or 50% for a further year (if necessary by clinic, flexible handling) → usually divided into 6 months CSP Step 1 rotation and 12 months CSP Step 2 rotation; in case of direct entry into CSP Step 2 or on request to complete solely within the framework of the CSP Step 2.
  • Mentoring Commission consisting of at least 2 habilitated leaders of working groups from different clinics/institutes and proven in the respective field of research
  • Supervision agreement
  • Active participation in external congresses
  • Participation in network meetings
  • Participation in locally organized guest speaker seminars
  • Interdisciplinary training
  • Internal retreat
  • Annual project reports
  • Public relations
  • Funding of stays abroad within the framework of IZKF travel grants (only for IZKF-financed Clinician Scientists)

CSP Step 1
CSP Step 2
Start of programme Directly after admission Flexible up to 6 months preparation phase
Rotation rotation flexible, 6 months rotation at the latest 6 months after the start of programme
End of programme After 2 years at the latest or with admission to CSP Step 2 End of programme with completion of the research project, the specialist training and proof of regular participation in the training modules