Call for Proposals – IZKF Rotation for the Clinician Scientist Programme

Dear Professor,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Parallel to the announcement of the Junior Projects, the IZKF is for the second time announcing rotation positions for physicians for admission into the Clinician Scientist Programme (Advanced module). Applications from younger physicians can be submitted to the IZKF until 15 March 2021.

Eligible are

  • Physicians with a completed doctorate from clinics, institutes and departments of the entire Faculty of Medicine
  • Physicians who can provide proof of at least a 2-year post-doc stay abroad in a laboratory, project specific preliminary work and who at least published 1 original paper as first author in a recognized journal OR
  • who already have an approval for a third-party funded project or IZKF/ELAN-project in the application year
  • and whose research project is supported by the head of the institution.
  • which have not yet been included in the CSP (Advanced Module).

The evaluation of the applications takes place in a one-step procedure by the IZKF Management Board with the participation of the ELAN Commission within the framework of the application colloquium for the Junior Projects, scheduled for middle of May 2021.


  • Protected research time of at least 12 months full time
  • Mentoring Commission consisting of at least 2 habilitated leaders of working groups from different clinics/institutes and proven in the respective field of research
  • Supervision agreement
  • Active participation in external congresses
  • Participation in network meetings
  • Participation in locally organized guest speaker seminars
  • Interdisciplinary training
  • Internal retreat
  • Promotion of stays abroad

Please submit:

  • Your motivation letter in English
  • Your Research Profile
  • Confirmation of the head of institution (clinic, institute, department) for supporting the research project (with confirmation on laboratory capacity)
  • Approved third-party funding or ELAN application or project description of the planned research project in English (if no approval has been granted but a postdoctoral stay abroad has been completed).


Please forward our call for proposals to interested postdoctoral scientists of your clinic/department/institute.

For further information please contact the IZKF-administrative office (Dr. Faber – 46841 or Ms. Reichel – 46843).

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. M. Wegner
Chairman IZKF-Management Board


Dr. Katrin Faber
IZKF-Administrative Office
Telephone 09131/ 85-46841
Fax 09131/ 85-35903