Junior Projects

For scientists starting their independent career obtaining their first extramural research funding is an important step. To aid this process the IZKF offers starting grants to young postdoctoral physicians and scientists without previous significant external funding. Candidates should have a visible publication record and projects should be based on an original idea with first tangible results. Projects include a position for a technician or a doctoral student and consumables for 30 months.

After this time it is expected that successful candidates submit an external grant application (external funding agency with review process). If the application is successfully filed within duration of the junior project, the spending period will be extended by another 6 months.

Grant volume for Junior Projects

  • Postgraduate scientist or
  • Technical assistant
Consumables 15 T€ p.a.
  • Participation in Travel, Publication and High Tech -Pool
  • IZKF laboratory rotations for physicians
Duration 30 months