Guest speaker seminars

  • Important information

    To fulfill the training module Guest Speaker Seminars please note:

    Guest speaker seminars are lectures by renowned scientists from other domestic and foreign institutions. They must be publicly announced.
  • Online guest speaker seminars

    Due to the current situation, guest speaker seminars are currently not taking place in Erlangen. Some are therefore offered via zoom, but of course not to the extent originally planned.

    In order to be able to continue attending the prescribed number of guest speaker seminars, members of the IZKF Research Training Group and members without RTG connection can temporarily also take part in other online guest speaker seminars.

    The participation will still be documented in your (online) study book. An additional proof is not necessary. The Mentoring Commission must be provided with a list of attended guest speaker seminars during the annual mentoring meetings.

  • Possible series of lectures

    (besides locally organised guest speaker seminars)





    This list makes no claim to completeness. Should you know of any other relevant lecture series, please feel free to inform us about them


Locally organised lectures