Jochen-Kalden-Funding Programme

The Jochen-Kalden-Funding Programme offers an attractive career development opportunity for outstanding young scientists with a training in medicine or natural sciences and a strong background and reputation in one of the Faculties‘ main research fields.


! New: From 2021 onwards, two groups will be funded per year for a period of 2 (+1) years.


  • Eligible to apply are

    • newly appointed W1/ integrated W2 professors with tenure track at the Faculty of Medicine,
    • who have already taken up their professorship in Erlangen at the time of application,
    • who finished their doctorate not more than 8 years ago (Natural scientists) or 10 years (medical professional) (in addition, up to 24 months (women) and 12 month (men) per child can be credited),
    • who, at the time of application, had not been employed for longer than 1 year (for professors who had previously worked in Erlangen) or for longer than 2 years (for professors newly appointed to Erlangen)
    • and who do not yet have significant funding for junior research groups (e.g. Heisenberg, Emmy Noether, Max Eder Group, etc.).
  • Staff and consumables

    • Staff: Graduate student and technical assistant
    • Consumables: 40.000 € Sachmittel p.a.
    • Duration: 24 + 12 month (if a third-party funding application is submitted to a LOM-listed third party funding agency (at least twice listed))

    The second staff position can be recruited up to 6 month after the first recruitment. Both can be employed for 24 months each.

    • Use of the special programmes of IZKF. (Travel and Publication Pool)