Application procedure

Applications for IZKF scholarships must always be sent to the Junior Scientists Committee through the IZKF Administration Office no later than 14 days before the next meeting. The application has to be submitted via our application form. The following documents are required:

  • Short summary of the application including the topic of the doctoral thesis (in English), please use the template for the proposal. It must be clear from your application that your working programme is planned for a full-time research activity of 8+1 months. If this is not yet possible to foresee on the basis of the current results, you must be able to make clear in the interview at the latest which further questions could be relevant and which further experiments are to be carried out in the time available.
  • Curriculum vitae (in English), max. 1 page (Arial 11 pt)
  • Certificate of the Preliminary Medical Examination (Zeugnis über den ersten Abschnitt der Ärztlichen Prüfung)
  • Certificate of Enrolement at FAU
  • Letter of recommendation of the supervisor and support letter of the official supervisor with habilitation (may be one letter). This letter should confirm that the work will be appropriately supervised and that the required equipment and laboratory workspace will be available. Current IZKF or any other third-party funded projects (like DFG or projects with a LOM factor of at least 2) of the direct and the official habilitated supervisor are to be shown.
    In addition, initial work in the laboratory must be confirmed by the supervisor in the recommendation letter or it must be confirmed that initial experience in the laboratory is gathered before the interview
  • Information about any secondary employment with working hours and salary (secondary employment which regularly exceeds 2 hours/day or 10 hours/week during the time of the scholarship and which should be carried out during the regular laboratory times is not allowed)
  • If relevant: specification of other ongoing scholarships, e.g. Deutschlandstiftung, Studienstiftung (note: double funding is not possible)

Selection of applicants

The Junior Scientists Committee decides whether or not a scholarship is to be granted following an interview (in English) with the applicant conducted during one of its regular meetings. You can find the Junior Scientists Committee’s next dates of meetings here:  Events > Meetings Committees