Laboratory Rotations

The rotation programme is aimed at young physicians involved in clinical practice who are interested in research and who completed their doctorate. In the context of the rotation programme, they can be released from their clinical work duties either part-time or full-time in order to devote themselves to their own clearly defined research projects for a set period of time.

In addition, they can learn new research methods in the hospital research laboratories or in clinical theoretical institutes which they can use in their own fields afterwards. At the same time, taking into account the provisions of the tariff agreement, it is guaranteed that the physicians participating in the rotation programme remain allocated to the same salary groups in the tariff for doctors working at clinical departments at university hospitals. The rotation positions are not bound to IZKF in terms of their subject matter. Therefore, clinical departments, independent departments and working groups which have so far not been associated with IZKF can associate themselves with IZKF by applying for rotation positions. The contract term of the physicians participating in the rotation programme must at least cover the rotation duration, moreover, a continued employment perspective should be given.

The rotation can last 6 months (100%, full-time) or 12 months (50%, part-time). The aim is to promote better links between research development and specialist medical training. The rotation can not be extended.

Junior Project Leaders can also access this programm in addition to their project funding.


Overview of the IZKF funding available for rotation positions



not funded by IZKF (the department confirms that it will provide the equipment required for the project)


Staff and duration


  6 months full-time (100%)
12 months part-time (50%)

  • applicants can also apply for projects which are not part of IZKF
  • applicants can also apply for funding from IZKF special programmes
  • after the project has been completed and the final report has been submitted IZKF issues a certificate