Project Handling

Important information on allocating costs and filling the positions:

  • The rotation positions are applied in a valence to Ä1 / Ä2 and can be semi occupied, depending on the application. If it is a full-time rotation, a 100% exemption of the clinical duty is necessary, if it is a half-time rotation, a 50% exemption is required.
  • IZKF covers the staff costs for the rotation candidate for the duration of the rotation. The department is entitled to hire a replacement for the duration of the rotation. The costs for the replacement must be covered by the department.

Next steps once the rotation application has been granted by the Management Board:

  • The IZKF Administration Office informs the applicant and the human resources department.
  • IZKF is forwarded the rotation data in the reply document IZKF rotation positions (document is forwarded to the applicant if their rotation position has been granted).
  • The IZKF Administration Office informs the human resources department.
  • The applicant must prepare  a rotation report no later than 6 weeks after completion of the rotation project and must forward one printed copy and one electronic copy to the IZKF Administration Office.