Core Units

Tasks and objectives of the Core Units

Modern molecular technologies such as genomics, proteomics and advanced molecular imaging require very expensive and complicated instrumentation and are methodologically very demanding. Thus it is often not scientifically worthwhile or cost effective to establish and maintain these techniques in parallel in different groups. Core Facilities or Units are centralised methodological platforms that offer access to these modern methods and technologies to a broad user spectrum. This enables access to modern technologies to smaller groups and also to those with other main methodological interests as well as allowing students to be directly exposed to these modern developments. Core Facilities are operated under the leadership of a scientific group with demonstrated excellence and interest in developing the methodology. In return for institutional support it is expected that the operating group assists other groups with their know-how in accessing this technology.


Funding instruments for Core Units

The support provided by the IZKF and the Faculty usually includes the initial investment for the instrumentation of the platform, the cost for setting up the operation as well as its continued technological development. IZKF pioneers the development of core facilities in Erlangen and usually supports them for an initial start-up phase of up to 6 years. Once established and successful, long-term support is provided directly by the Faculty. Services and costs are to be made transparent and equal access has to be ensured. Core Facilities are regularly evaluated for their effective operation, scientific excellence and timeliness.