Special Programmes

The special programmes of the IZKF offer an additional financing for projects funded by IZKF. They are available for the following funding lines:



High Tech Pool Travel Pool Publication Pool
Advanced projects
Junior Projects
Bridging Projects × × ×
Jochen-Kalden-Funding Programme
Clinician Scientist Programme
(IZKF laboratory roations)
Clinician Scientist Programme
(other financing)
× × ×
Other IZKF laboratory rotations ×
MD-Thesis Scholarship ×
Time Frame within the duration of the project
6 month after the end of the project
(MD: 12 month after the end of the scholarship)
12 month after the end of the project
The Travel Scholarships are available for young scientists (Project leaders of Junior Projects, participants CSP, participants IZKF-laboratory rotation, doctoral students of all IZKF projects)