Publication Pool

The funding from the publication pool allows results from the projects to be published in listed journals. The publications pool provides financial support to cover part of the costs of publishing results achieved in advanced projects in listed journals; for this purpose, the publication must be submitted so it can be verified that IZKF is mentioned in the acknowledgement.

IZKF as sole supporter:
IZKF funds these publications with 1,500 euros, if the total costs of the publication are up to 3,000 euros. If the total costs of the publication are more than 3,000 euros, IZKF funds theis publication with 2,000 euros. IZKF does not fund reprints.

Several supporters:
For publications in which one or more supporters are mentioned, the IZKF publication grant will be reduced by 500.00 €. This results in the following subsidy:

Publication costs
up to 1,500 €: coverage of the costs minus 500 €, max. 1.000 €
up to 3,000 €: cost coverage of 1.000 €
over 3,000 €: cost coverage of 1.500 €

  • advanced projects
  • junior projects
  • Jochen-Kalden-Funding Programme
  • participants in the rotation programme
  • successful participants in the MD-Thesis Scholarship/in the IZKF Research Training Group

  • to publish results achieved in advanced projects in listed journals (original publications)

The publication must contain a note stating that IZKF has provided funding (obligatory for all IZKF members). Please use the following sentence in the publication. Funding programme and your project number in brackets.

„Supported by the Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research (IZKF) at the University Hospital of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Advanced Project/ Jochen-Kalden funding programme/ Junior Project/ Pilot Project/ Laboratory Rotation/ MD-Thesis Scholarship Programme “project number”)

For open access publications, please apply for funding from the open access publishing fund provided by the Executive Board and DFG first (

In order to differentiate the cost monitoring of the numerous Open Access publications and to provide the FAU with correct reporting, we would like to ask you make a note on the “Allonge” when submitting the invoice: “No Open Access“, “Open Access Journal“, “Open Access Option“. We assign accounts according to the following cost centers. The explanations below can help with the correct classification.

690315 Publication costs (without Open Access)
690316 Publ. Open Access Journals
690317 Publ. Open Access Option in Substription-Journals
690318 Publ. Open Access books

Open access fees in genuine (so-called “golden”) Open Access journals should be posted to 690316. You can recognise such invoices from publishers such as Frontiers, MDPI, PLOS, Hindawi etc. by keywords such as Article Processing Charge. (Or keywords such as APC, Article Processing Fee, Article Publishing Charge, OA APC, Open Access Charge, etc.)

Open Access Charges for traditional Subscription Journals are posted to 690317. The researcher had chosen the option to buy the article out of the subscription. Accordingly, invoices usually include references to the option, e.g. Author’s Choice, Open Access Option, Open Choice, Open Option, etc.

The cost center 690318 is intended for Open Access fees for books or book chapters. Invoices usually include terms such as Open Access Book Processing Charge, BPC etc.

All publication costs, with the exception of the above-mentioned Open Access fees, can be posted to the previous cost center 690315, as before.

These include, for example, printing costs and printing cost subsidies for printed works and additional costs for this (e.g. colour charge, page charge, excess charge, cover charge), but also subsidiary charges such as submission charge, fast track charge, etc., which are not causally related to Open Access. Therefore, if there is no reference to Open Access or Article / Book Processing Charges on an invoice, any other publication costs can be posted to 690315.

  • IZKF does not fund reprints
  • for publications resulting from advanced projects or from results achieved in advanced projects, funding from the publications pool can be applied for and provided up until 12 months after funding of the project has ended


Informal applications including estimated costs of the publication (invoice) and publication can be submitted to the IZKF Administration Office at any time.

Procedure after approval:

1. Please send an invoice with a yellow allonge and a copy of the published article (cost center: 29139006) to the Administrative Office

2. Invoices can be paid either

a) directly to the journal

or, if costs have initially been covered by the applicant,

b) to the applicant

In the case of b) please provide proof that the invoice has already been paid and your bank details and address.

3. If IZKF does not cover all of the costs and the remaining costs are not covered by any of Universitätsklinikum’s other funds centres (please specify this on the yellow allonge to ensure that the invoice can immediately be paid in full), the invoice must be paid by the applicants themselves and is then reimbursed accordingly by IZKF.