Travel Pool

To enable IZKF members to present their results to the scientific community IZKF funds participation in national and international conferences. The topic of the event must be related to IZKF in order to be eligible for funding. If the event is a conference, a project-related active participation is required (poster, presentation).

Travel expenses reimbursed are currently limited to 500 euros for travel within Germany, 1,000 euros within Europe and 1,500 euros outside of Europe.

The IZKF temporarily covers the costs of web-based events, a project-related active participation is required. An application in advance is necessary. (Max. 500,00 €)


  • principal investigators
  • researchers employed by IZKF in the advanced projects
  • researchers employed by IZKF in the junior projects
  • researchers employed by IZKF in the Jochen-Kalden-Funding Programme
  • participants of the clinician scientist programme (IZKF laboratory roations)
  • other participants in the laboratory rotation programme
  • participants in the IZKF MD-thesis Scholarship programme

  • covering travel and accommodation expenses
    • for travel to events where the topics are relevant to IZKF
    • for travel to conferences in which the applicant makes a contribution to the event (presentation, poster), please attach confirmation
  • covering participation fees
  • additional subsistance costs

  • maximum amount of funding
    • for travel within Germany: 500 euros
    • for travel within Europe: 1,000 euros
    • for travel outside of Europe: 1,500 euros
  • co-financing is possible
  • The Bavarian Travel Expenses Act (Bayerisches Reisekostengesetz) and Universitätsklinikum’s regulations (utilisation of Universitätsklinikum’s contractual partners ) must be taken into account

  • Deutsche Bahn
    Großkundenticket (special train ticket which allows you to travel at reduced cost)
    More information.
  • Travel agency
    DER Deutsches Reisebüro GmbH & Co
    Hauptstr. 43, 91054 Erlangen
    Telefon: 09131-80070
  • Suppliers car rental
    You find an overview of the supplieres of car rental, where you receive benefits. The contract number has to be stated.


Applications for business trips must be submitted to the IZKF Administration Office using the business trip form provided by Universitätsklinikum, ideally 4 weeks but no later than 14 days prior to the planned trip.

The following details must be provided:

  • destination, name of the conference, sub-project number
  • description of the traveller’s contribution (presentation, poster)
  • expenses, divided into travel expenses, accommodation expenses and conference participation fees
    applicant’s signature, date
  • signature of project leader under ‘Befürwortung (unmittelb. Vorgesetzter)’ and signature of clinic/ institute director under ‘Genehmigung (zuständiger Vorgesetzter)’ with date
  • IZKF travel expenses cost unit: 29139004
  • confirmation that any additional expenses above the limits set out above will be covered (see form ‘Anlage zum Dienstreiseantrag’ (annex to business trip form))

The business trip form must be signed by the applicant, the project leader and the clinic/institute director. The complete documents must be submitted to the IZKF Administration Office. The complete application is passed on to the speaker of the IZKF for approval.

Please attach a confirmation that you will contribute with a poster/talk or add the conference programme showing your contribution.

Please also note the new rules for applications from participants of the clinician scientist programme, other particpants of IZKF laboratory rotations and medical students.

Additional applications must be submitted:

  • Abstract
  • Letter of recommendation from the supervisor (medical students) or the head of the working group or clinic director (CSP/laboratory rotations)

External staff: Please use the form Antrag auf Bewilligung einer Reisekostenerstattung für „externe Personen“ provided by Universitätsklinikum.

Taking/cancelling business trips

As a rule, business trips must be approved before travel can begin. Otherwise, funding by IZKF or the required insurance coverage cannot be guaranteed. The applicant is given the approved business trip form by Universitätsklinikum’s travel expenses office. If an approved business trip is cancelled, the IZKF Administration Office must immediately be informed by telephone or fax.

  • Invoices from the travel agency must not be initially paid by the traveller but will be paid directly by IZKF. Please submit the invoice with a corresponding note to the IZKF Administration Office.
  • Any costs initially paid by the traveller must be set out using the applicable travel expenses form. Please submit the completed form directly to Universitätsklinikum’s travel expenses office (Pf). Please attach the original receipts for your expenses (invoices, tickets, etc.) and the original approved business trip form.
  • Business trips must be settled as soon as possible, but no later than 6 months after the trip. According to the Bavarian Travel Expenses Act (Bayerisches Reisekostengesetz), expenses can no longer be reimbursed after this time.