Travel Scholarships

Travel fellowships allow IZKF‘s young researchers to spend time at other laboratories in Germany or abroad to conduct important experiments or learn the latest techniques and methods. The programme also allows doctoral candidates to intensify existing collaborations or establish new ones. Travel grants include transportation and accommodation for up to 3 months. An extension of the travel scholarship for another 3 months is possible.

Scholarships are granted during the year by the chairman on the basis of an application based on scientific evidence and depending on the positions available. A university degree is required for the application. The assumption of costs through the IZKF is limited on proven and reasonable travel expenses and the DAAD-Aufenthaltspauschale.


Duration of the scholarship 3 month

travel expenses

reimbursement of residence expenses according to the “DAAD-Aufenthaltspauschale 

Travel grants are available for:

  • project leaders of junior projects
  • doctoral students employed in IZKF

Required documents

To apply for a travel grant,following documents have to be submitted to the IZKF Administrative Office which then are submitted to the chairman for approval.

  • an application based on scientific evidence by the applicant (techniques/methods must result directly from the question of the IZKF project)
  • curriculum vitae
  • letter of recommendation from the project leader
  • letter of confirmation from the host institution
  • detailed statement of costs
  • travel authorization form

Travel authorization request

For the scholarship, also a business trip form is necessary. Applications for business trips must be submitted to the IZKF Administrative Office using the business trip form provided by Universitätsklinikum, ideally 4 weeks but no later than 14 days prior to the planned trip (Travel authorization request). Project leaders of junior projects, who are not employed at the university hospital can request the corresponding travel request form via the IZKF Administrative Office.The business trip form can also be submitted together with the application.

The following information must be provided:

  • destination, sub-project number
  • expenses
  • applicant’s signature, date
  • signature of project leader under ‘Befürwortung (unmittelb. Vorgesetzter)’ and signature of clinic/ institute director under ‘Genehmigung (zuständiger Vorgesetzter)’ with date
  • IZKF travel expenses cost unit: 29139005

The business trip form must be signed by the applicant, the project leader and the clinic/institute director.