IZKF-Visiting Professor Programme

The IZKF Visiting Professor Programme is running successfully for many years. Every year approx. 10 scientists from abroad but also from other places in Germany can be invited for a stay of between 2 days and 4 months. The programme covers travel and accommodation costs for visiting researchers in the amount of up to 3,000 euros. Application is restricted to IZKF members and the invited researcher‘s subject must be related to IZKF. Since the existence of the FAU Visiting Professor Programme the IZKF Programme is focused on promoting younger scientists.

  • IZKF principal investigators
  • Junior project leaders Junior
  • Junior research groups project leaders

  • the visiting professor’s subject must be related to IZKF
  • the visiting professor must stay at IZKF Erlangen for a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 4 months (usually between 2 and 7 days)
  • a presentation must be organised to which the IZKF sub-project co-ordinator and IZKF members are invited via the IZKF Administration Office

  • maximum amount of funding
    • for travel and accommodation expenses for the visiting professor: 3,000 euros


Informal applications specifying the name, university and subject of the visiting professor suggested, as well as the planned duration of stay and estimated travel and accommodation expenses, can be submitted to the IZKF Administration Office at any time. The applications must be approved by the chairperson of IZKF.

Procedure after approval:

  1. If the application is approved, the applicant sends an official invitation to the visiting professor on behalf of themselves and of IZKF Erlangen (please forward a copy to the IZKF Administration Office)
  2. The presentation must be officially announced. The official announcement of the presentation must be forwarded to the IZKF Administration Office via e-mail. The IZKF Administration Office invites the sub-project co-ordinators and IZKF members to the presentation and – if requested by the organiser of the presentation – also arranges which members of IZKF will attend.
  3. Any travel expenses forms or invoices for plane and train tickets must be submitted to the IZKF Administration Office by the visiting professor or by the applicant (if organised by them). If costs were initially covered personally, proof that the invoices have already been paid must be submitted along with bank details.
  4. If required, IZKF can issue a declaration of guaranteed payment to the hotel and pay the accommodation costs directly to the hotel. For this purpose, the applicant must inform the IZKF Administration Office of the hotel booked.